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We are dedicated to protecting the local ecosystem through education, exposure, and environmental impact efforts to clean and preserve our beautiful waters. These tours focus on sustainable efforts and green initiatives while adhering to ethical practices and procedures set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

The Florida State Park system is one of the nicest places to visit in the US from Palm Beach to the Keys.  These reefs are toured by thousands of divers yearly for their beauty and wildlife. Florida’s ocean and shoreline are amazing! Coral reefs are also one of the most threatened marine systems. Scientists estimate that unless we take immediate action, we could lose up to 70 percent of coral reefs by 2050.

Colorful parrot fish, angelfish, wrasses, barracuda, nurse sharks, stingrays, delicate corals, other invertebrates, and turtles – all are inhabitants of Florida’s beautiful coral reefs. The Florida Reef System (FRS) is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the continental US, with its extensive shallow coral reefs that span 358 miles from the Dry Tortugas near Key West, north along the Atlantic coast to Martin County.

Our treasured coral reefs provide Florida with many benefits. Not only are they home to many species of wildlife, including species listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act, they are integral to the economy of Florida’s tourism industry, including to commercial and recreational fisherman and scuba divers. Additionally, they act as a natural buffer for Florida’s shoreline, helping to lessen the strength of waves, providing natural support for coastal resilience.

AQUI is located in one of the busiest destinations in Broward County, Lauderdale by the Sea:  Click here for Directions

The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is approximately 1.5 square miles in area and is located along Florida’s “Gold Coast” in Broward County, Florida. The entire Town is situated between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Intracoastal Waterway on the west. It is bordered on the south by the City of Fort Lauderdale and on the north by the City of Pompano Beach. The Town is located on a barrier island that is 7 feet above sea level. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is 30 miles north of Miami and 33 miles south of Palm Beach.

Once you arrive in this coastal community of 6,000 residents, it’s a short walk just about anywhere: to the beach, to Anglin’s Pier, or to the numerous shops and restaurants lining Commercial Blvd from Anglin’s Square, the town’s quaint oceanfront district, to the Intracoastal. The town’s vibrant beach area offers live music in various restaurants seven days a week, or if you’d rather just take it easy and stare at the ocean, just sit yourself down on one of the boat benches under the beach pavilion.


COVID & Your Safety

A crisis brings clarity about what is most important: Your well-being and safety. At AQUI, our decision was made to ensure your safety no matter the cost, so at each event, your organizer WILL give you a FREE MASK and have readily available hand sanitizer. We understand most organizers in groups won’t go to this extent, or enforce, but it’s a small price to pay for your safety. These items must be worn during close proximity (generally accepted 6ft of one another). We know some days will be hotter than others and will do our best to ensure we are heading into the water, or A/C environment promptly.

Eco-Tours & Experiences

Snorkeling Eco-Tour

$50 / Per Person

This 1.5 hour eco-tour is dedicated to showcasing our beautiful reefs within a few hundred feet from the coastline. We will spend time in water time snorkeling, and showcasing the abundance of marine life, coral reefs, and the impact of human and natural interactions. We follow local tide charts to get the best visibility and provide safety for all group members. The snorkeling tour is very popular with our guests, who very often want a more intimate experience than just swimming.


AQUI provides high quality and complimentary snorkel equipment on all its excursions including children’s sizes. Staff will help size and fit equipment correctly. For those that wish to snorkel-down (freedive), weight belts will be provided. 

NOTE: All guests are required to wear a snorkeling saftey vest during the tour. This is for our safety and yours.

For guests that may experience feeling ‘colder’ than your typical person, we do offer Sharkskin Chillproof tops for $5 additional per person. This way you can stay warm and enjoy the sites. If you would like full thermal protection, wetsuits are available for $10. Typically for snorkeling tours, the sharkskin is mostly used.


Please listen to the thorough briefing given by your guide before entering the water. AQUI guides will often pair snorkelers into buddy teams who should stay close together, within 6 feet / 2 meters apart, and check on each other regularly.

To breathe efficiently through a snorkel, keep your head in water and snorkel at around a 45 degree angle. This will allow the tube to stick straight up prevent water intrusion.

Keep your body flat and use power from the upper part of your legs rather than bicycle kicking with your calf muscles which can cause cramp.

When you stop to look around above the surface of the water or talk to your snorkel buddy be aware of where your legs are and what is beneath you. It is easy to kick, or drift into coral accidently. This could easily damage sensitive species, or in some cases, cause irritation or stings to exposed body parts.

Sea Conditions

The flow of the tide can make a significant difference to the clarity of the water on certain reefs around Fort Lauderdale. We will do our best to plan accordingly the day of your trip to ensure maximum visibility and optimal conditions to snorkel in.

Due to our geographic location on the Atlantic Ocean, we can experience both large ocean swells and local wind driven waves. AQUI will always assess the sea conditions before departing. On occasion conditions might not be what is expected, and an excursion may need to be diverted to more protected areas of the reef.

In the event conditions would not improve and impose safety risk, we will reschedule to ensure a safe and quality experience.

Experience and Instruction

No prior snorkel experience is required on our snorkel eco-tour excursions, but participants should be comfortable swimmers. AQUI guides can provide some basic snorkel instruction in the field including advice on use of equipment and body position in the water. Some snorkel experience is preferred when the destination distance is further from land.

Snorkel lessons are available at AQUI with experienced freediving, and scuba instructors. This can start beachside to maximize comfort and progress to deeper water as students improve their skills and confidence.

Snorkelers already comfortable with the sport and able to swim underwater may benefit from learning some basic freediving techniques.

SCUBA Diving Eco-Tour

$125 / Per Person 

SCUBA Diving is simply an amazing and enjoyable experience. The ability to breathe and visualize ecosystems hidden by a layer of water captivates every soul. As a diver, it’s important to make sure your dive site and dive company support sustainable diving. Diving in destinations that take reef and ocean preservation seriously is another great way to keep these biodiverse ecosystems (and the species that call them home) as pristine and vibrant as possible.


Across the East Coast of Florida, and the keys, were surround by these ecosystems. Some are walking distance in a state park, others require marine vessels to get there. We provide tours to a host of locations; however, our most popular is Lauderdale by the Sea.

We provide private guiding both locally, and internationally, for customers looking to have qualified safety instructor with them at all times. We’ve worked with celebrities, production studios, private companies, and completed training in dozens of countries. Visit our ABOUT US page to see why we are recognized internationally for safety and highest quality training standards.

For our most popular tour, there are two reefs full of marine life easily accessible from the shore.

Dive will commence at 9AM, We will meet at the AQUI Water Sports Facility located:
222 Commercial BLVD, STE 106, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308

We feature a coffee bar with freshly ground coffee to get your morning started right.

SCUBA Equipment

PLEASE show up by 8:30AM if you need to rent gear. We have full range of sizes to accommodate most adult and adolescent sizes. 

Rental Prices are as follows:
Mask, Fins, Snorkel – $15
Full SCUBA System (BCD, Computer, Cylinder) – $50
Cylinders – Air $10, Nitrox $14 

Bring a Dive Flag or Marker Buoy. If you don’t have one, we will provide one.


Please listen to the thorough briefing given by your guide before entering the water. AQUI guides will often pair divers into buddy teams of 4 (four) who should stay close together, within 6 feet / 2 meters apart, and check on each other regularly.

A maximum of 8 divers will be assigned to one guide; every AQUI guide is certified as a recreational and technical training instructor with extensive experience.

Remember to breathe easy as this experience is not a race across the reefs. There are habitats the size of a basketball, or as small as a half dollar. Excerise proper buoyancy control and avoid the use of your arms if possible. This will ensure you do not silt the area, kick, or drift into coral accidently. This could easily damage sensitive species, or in some cases, cause irritation or stings to exposed body parts.

Sea Conditions

The flow of the tide can make a significant difference to the clarity of the water on certain reefs around Fort Lauderdale. We will do our best to plan accordingly the day of your trip to ensure maximum visibility and optimal conditions to snorkel in.

Due to our geographic location on the Atlantic Ocean, we can experience both large ocean swells and local wind driven waves. AQUI will always assess the sea conditions before departing. On occasion conditions might not be what is expected, and an excursion may need to be diverted to more protected areas of the reef.

In the event conditions would not improve and impose safety risk, we will reschedule to ensure a safe and quality experience.


Experience and Instruction

Our number one priority is your safety. If we feel that your diving skills may cause harm to you, or the environment, we will surface you and your buddy. Proper training is critical when exploring reef systems. Comfort and confidence while executing efficient finning techniques, proper weighting, and buoyancy control will extend your dive times, and protect those around you.

If you are already a certified diver, this is an excellent first step towards taking the correct scuba diving courses. During this course you will learn to build a solid foundation of buoyancy, balance and trim with propulsion. Team and critical skills are conducted to develop autonomy within dive buddies and to a level where you can deal with the unexpected. Additionally, this is an excellent primer for any of our advanced level and technical courses. Doesn’t matter if you are a newly certified diver, or a gung-ho Techie, we can assure you our enhanced skills course will up your SCUBA Game! This course gives every diver an opportunity to learn to effortlessly hold your position, in horizontal trim, while maintaining excellent balance. These are hallmark traits of a truly solid diver.


Snorkeling and Underwater Programs
$299 – $399 Per Student

AQUI offers two Marine Science Kids Camps that are designed to educate kids between the ages of 8 to 16 year olds about the aquatic environment. These programs are designed to teach kids how to explore the aquatic environment while snorkeling, or using a Hookah system to explore further (surface supplied breathing apparatus).

The start of each day will include a morning workshop with a guest speaker to teach one of the primary topics: Marine Biology, Conservation, Engagement. These three topics focus on learning how our vast ecosystem comes together, and how to do our part to protect and preserve for future generations. Teams will be formed each day to give participants a chance to work together and come up with creative ideas to protect our environment.

During their time in the water, they are provided with action cameras to capture images of this diverse habitat. After their in water experience, they will download their animal interactions (images they have captured) and then learn about their habitat, biology, and share information amongst other students in the camp. The entire camp is focused on having fun and learning about Marine Science; and what we can do to focus on being “Ocean Friendly” whether on the surface or below the water.
All images and video captured by each student are 100% owned by them, and not AQUI. We encourage them to share on social media, with friends, and family about their experience. Education is key!

Each day will commence at 9AM and finish at 2PM.


Marine Science Snorkeling Day – $299 – 2 Days

First, we will outfit you with proper equipment to enjoy your next two days in the water. Then we’ll show a presentation of local sea life, both on the shore and in the water; followed by a discussion of the local waterways and habitats. Because we never touch any wild animals or fish in the ocean, we’re going to give you cameras so you can search for as many species as you can find.

Over the two days, the team that can identify the most will win an award. The best part, you will be protecting this beautiful and diverse ocean environment equipped with greater knowledge to help others become ocean warriors too!

At the end of each day we instantly share all photographs and stories on our Facebook/Instagram pages so that your family and friends can participate in your adventure.

Upon completion of the two days, the students will have gained knowledge and respect for our ocean, a link to access their photos, and an SSI Snorkeler Certificate. If they are over the age of 10, they are eligible to progress further and learn their Junior Open Water certificate.


Ocean Warrior Underwater Camp – $399 – 3 Days

For participants that want to leave the surface and head up to 10 feet / 3 meters below the surface, our Marine Science Hookah Camp is the way to go! A Hookah system allows you to breathe through a simple to use regulator while your air supply floats on a comforting support raft at the surface. This allows your child to experience our amazing underwater world at their own level of comfort, and an experienced AQUI Guide will be with them throughout the entire tour. Dive times are limited to 45 minutes each due to safety. Each day we will conduct an underwater tour to a different part of the local reef, and do a beach cleanup on the final day. The team with the most trash and debris will win a Free Private Guide day with all expenses included.



Depending on the program you select, we provide your child with all the Snorkeling and/or Hookah equipment, plus an action camera. We do recommend you purchase a micro SD card for easy transfer and download of the media your child captures.


Registration, Refunds, & Cancellation

The Marine Science Snorkeling Camp does require registration in advance due to limited availability during peak season. The course fee does include waterproof marine species identification cards in the Atlantic & Caribbean.

All parents must complete the registration with their children and sign the waiver and medical history form for each child. This ensures proper liability forms are completed, and the safety of each participant is upheld.

Cancellation policy is 72 hour notice is required for rescheduling or canceling a camp date. Due to the class sizes, last minute bookings are typically hard to schedule. You may donate, or gift your registration to another student if your child is unable to attend. Contact us for special circumstances.


We recommend the following items. 


Temperatures in the summer can reach up to 105°F / 40°C. We recommend Stream2Sea as it’s reef safe and eco-friendly (available in store).


Wetsuits are personal preference; however, they protect from jellyfish and sea lice. In Winter months, we recommend at least a 3mm for snorkeling; 5mm for diving. 


Capturing the moment leads to a lifetime of memories for you and others. GoPro’s are available upon request for rent — as well as lights.

water & snacks

Salt Water is dehyrdating and we will burn calories while on the tour. Water is available at the facility. Due to allergies, we do not provide food items.

Personal Gear

If you have your own Mask, Fins, and Snorkel, we encourage you to bring them. Our personal gear is sanitized, and available for rent, at no additional charge. Receive a 10% discount if you decide to purchase your own prior to a tour.  

Hat / Head Cover

Protecting from prolonged sun exposure is key for beach walks and class discussions in the sand. If you choose to wait on the beach, please bring an umbrella, or shade.


Our preferred method for excellent sun protection, and an awesome skin barrier when wearing a wetsuit. Multiple sizes are available in store. 


It’s Florida after all. Hot, Bright, and sun reflects off the water. Look cool during the tour, and have the added benefit of protecting your eyes. 

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AQUI Water Sports SCUBA
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Liz R
Liz R
23:05 04 Nov 21
I really can't say enough good things about AQUI Water Sports. I initially chose them for getting our open water SCUBA... certifications because they really seemed to prioritize safety and small, more personalized classes. Let's just say my faith was not misplaced. John was an amazing instructor and very patient with my daughter who was a little nervous about doing some of the skills needed for her certification. Both he and Ryan went above and beyond making sure she was safe and comfortable and she got it done! We all had a blast and I can't wait to back for some more dives now that we're certified. Thank you!!!!read more
Trish Arbetman
Trish Arbetman
23:54 28 Oct 21
We booked a snorkeling excursion and it was fabulous. Ryan was extremely knowledgeable about possible ear issues for my... husband and John was an excellent guide. Equipment was great, and knowledge of the reef had us out and enjoying the view in no time. The fish were plentiful and we even saw a juvenile sea turtle!!! I would highly recommend. We may even come back to talk about learning to dive!!read more
John Pui
John Pui
20:35 21 Oct 21
I took the advanced buoyancy and trim class with Ryan to improve my diving and am very pleased with how much he taught... me. It’s a challenging class and I feel much more confident in the water. There’s a lot to take back home to work on, whether it’s dry run leg control, or calculation of appropriate gas management to give time to manage an emergency underwater and still surface safely with your dive partner, or practicing different positioning kicks in the pool. Be prepared to work, as Ryan is a strict instructor and wants all his students to perform to very high standards so that they are safe and comfortable wherever they choose to more
Andrea Dreher
Andrea Dreher
18:28 07 Oct 21
My boyfriend and I were traveling to FL from PA and we decided to do snorkeling. Ryan was our guide and he was... absolutely great. I’ve been snorkeling probably 5-6 times prior to our experience here and this was the best experience I’ve ever had. Ryan would point out the fish to us and even would dive into the reef to get fish to move to see them better. He was extremely knowledgeable. Really appreciate the experience we were given! Would highly recommend!read more
David DiBernardo
David DiBernardo
17:59 06 Oct 21
This was my first time snorkeling but Ryan was patient, provided good clear instructions and we really had a great time... snorkeling. He made it into a relaxed, fun exploration of the reefs. We saw a wide variety of aquatic life including a Nurse Shark, a puffer fish, a couple squid and schools of various other fish. Ryan was great at explaining what you are seeing below you, which made it all the more enjoyable.If you've never tried snorkeling before, this is the place to jump into it. Just relax, follow their instructions and helpful hints and you'll have a cool new experience!read more
Leticia Miglio
Leticia Miglio
00:35 13 Sep 21
I got to know Aqui on the advice of a friend who has been diving for a long time. For me the most important thing for... my certification was to learn the resources that would make it safe to dive. At Aqui I had excellent instructors who accompanied me all the time (from theory to practice). I felt safe and comfortable at all times with the instructors and the equipment used. Best of all, it was pretty fun! I can't wait to dive again!!read more
Amanda Sumner
Amanda Sumner
01:27 19 Feb 21
Knowledgeable and incredibly patient! Went in to get a set of gear that was a step up for me, so I had dozens of... questions. The staff took the time to educate me about each item, making sure I understood the pros and cons of each option. Looking forward to having my gear serviced here when needed and picking their brains some more
willowy one
willowy one
19:15 01 Feb 21
Aqui is an amazing shop!! My husband and I visit FL frequently to dive, and often have difficulty finding a shop that... caters to the needs of tech divers. Ryan and Landon have effectively solved that problem. Not only are they incredibly friendly and a pleasure to interact with, they are very flexible and set on meeting their customers' needs. They worked around our travel dates to ensure that we had doubles and deco bottles exactly when we needed them, everything was prepared and ready to pick up when we arrived at the shop, and they even went out of their way to help pick up the tanks so we didn't have to return to the shop at the end of our trip. Prices are also great. We will definitely use them going forward for all of our gear rental needs and hopefully will get to dive with them too!read more
Kosta Koeman
Kosta Koeman
09:06 16 Jan 21
My one stop shop in South Florida for dive gear rentals and instruction. The guys running this shop really know their... stuff, and I'd strongly recommend just stopping in if you are a diver and are in the area. If you are seeking training, I'd recommend going out of your more
Dallas Thomas
Dallas Thomas
07:33 14 Jan 21
This is an amazing dive shop offering phenomenal instruction, gear and service. The wealth of knowledge and experience... brought by Landon and Ryan makes this a go to shop I would never hesitate to send any of my students or family members too.Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable without the ego and more
Randy Tay
Randy Tay
06:45 14 Jan 21
As a professional scuba educator myself, I can personally attest to the high standards the instructors here adhere to.... I have no doubt in my mind this is one of the places to go in the East Coast to get the highest level of scuba training possible. More importantly, they are also super friendly which is a huge plus!read more
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
00:31 11 Jan 21
Great fully stocked shop that is owned by and can cater to technical divers. Instruction is top notch for all levels... and they can cover everything from open water to CCR to cave/wreck penetration. Highly recommend if you need a top quality shop in the arearead more
Larry Greenberg
Larry Greenberg
15:19 24 Nov 20
My recent experience with AQUI Water Sports was superb. Landon was patient and thorough on the phone... answering all... of my questions and concerns, and Ryan was patient and thorough with me in the classroom and water. It's clear that these instructors care tremendously about their students and in giving them the best training and experience possible. I look forward to learning more from them in the future. A GREAT group - Highly Recommended! Thanks again AQUI!read more
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