Each section contains documentation, and images in full high-resolution to assist you with your setup. If you need further clarification, send me a message and we will be happy to help via email, facebook, or video call.

 Our goal is to provide free access to those that may need help setting up, and tweaking their system. We understand there are dozens of ways that work for many people, but our approach is to keep things simple. 

Though there are many ways to configure your new Stealth 2.0 System, there are even more ways to do it incorrectly. This manual will help you set up your unit from the beginning.

If you are not yet sidemount trained, and would like to be, contact us to learn from internationally recognized sidemount instructors at AQUI.

We will cover proper fitting during the “Final Fitting” section with videos to come soon. Each section features a comments box at the bottom where you may provide input (be polite) and share your modifications.

If you would like to contribute, send us an email at info@getaqui.com 


Need Help?

Enter your information, and a sidemount expert will get back to you shortly. For immediate inquiries, send an email to info@getaqui.com, or visit us on Facebook at AQUI Water Sports

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