Each section contains documentation, and images in full high-resolution to assist you with your setup. If you need further clarification, send me a message and we will be happy to help via email, facebook, or video call.


From the beginning, keep one important aspect in mind: Your Shoulders do NOT need to be tight. When setup properly, you should be able to get your fist under the harness, but not lift it off.

This section focuses on continuous webbing harnesses, not quick adjust. If you are using a quick adjust setup, make sure to take note of the proper “TWIST” when securing lower half.


Important Things to Consider:

  • You’ll need TWO extra triglides if setting up fixed loop bungees
  • You’ll need paracord (we prefer dyneema) for continuous loops.
  • Please don’t add the Dive Rite Ring system, or any ring system for traditional sidemount.
  • Have a set of needle-nose pliers handy
  • If replacing the stock webbing, do not cut it too short before trial dives (see pictures for recommended cut lengths when fitting)
  • Use a proper JET FLAME LIGHTER for 1mm Nylon and/or polyester
  • Sharp Pair of scissors

Cut your webbing into one solid length. You can match the existing webbing from your original harness.

Standard Shoulder Length is 92 inches / 235 cm

Unbolt the Shoulder Plate from the Weight Pocket. The Screw is located in the top compartment inside the spine weight pocket. Find the center point, and route one end through the top of the Shoulder Soft Plate as seen in the picture.  

The center point will bend directly over the metal glide w/ the M8 bolt sticking out.

Route back through the second slot under the XDeep Logo. 

If you are using our custom made polyester webbing, put an additional half-twist in the shoulder webbing. It will hide nicely and keep the tracers facing down.

Turn your stealth 2.0 unit over and let’s attach the wing securely.

To keep the Glides from resting on your body, route the webbing through the lowest open point. 

Make sure you adjust each side to match the top of the spine pad. My recommendation is to have the top of the spine pad match the top of the wing. You can always move the pocket itself lower if needed by unbolting.

Once even, finish routing through the top glides. 

Two considerations need to be addressed:

  1. Are you planning on fixed loops?
  2. Are you setting up for a rebreather (chest mount or sidemount)?

If so, you will have to add your d-rings as you see fit. The primary d-rings will sit up higher with the triglide sitting on your clavicle bone. It may seem high at first; however, it will fall in a perfect location once submerged and in horizontal trim.

 Make sure you are using BENT rings and not straight. Add your rubber loops (snoopy loop as XDEEP calls them) under the Rings. **ADD EXTRAS, they can be stored at the bottom**

For continuous loops, they can be added during the bungee assembly phase.


Don’t forget to TWIST webbing before routing through lumbar plate shoulder glide! Lay webbing flat, overhand grip, then rotate outward 180 degrees.

The webbing enters the glide from outside to inside. You’ll notice the twist will conform to your body. The image is high resolution so you can follow the webbing route. 

After you have adjusted your shoulder tightness, you can terminate the webbing. Send the webbing back through the lumbar glide. 

Before you cut the extra, make sure to leave extra!!!

As with every other trim, I recommend 6 in / 15 cm. Once Cut, you can fold it and secure with rubber loop.



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