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Harness, Soft Plates, & Weight Pocket

The standard configuration [direct from XDEEP Box] is set for a person between 71-73 inches / 180-185 cm and a 34 inch /  86 cm waist — In other words, Piotr (XDEEP Founder) sized it stock so we can all model after him.

Ultimately it will be your torso length that dictates final placement whether to change from stock. 

Important Things to Consider: 

  • If you are taller, you’ll need to shift the lower lumbar down
  • If you are shorter, shift the lower lumbar plate up.
  • If replacing the stock webbing, do not cut it too short before trial dives (see pictures for recommended cut lengths when fitting)
  • Needle nose pliers for pulling webbing through tri-glide.
stealth 2.0 harness only

The triglides pictured secures the bottom lumbar to the top plate. 

If changing the height of your unit, you’ll need to use pliers (preferred) to un thread the webbing. Pull it out until the bottom plate is loose.

NOTE: Make sure to unscrew the bolt on the crotch strap to allow for easier manipulation.

On the bottom lumbar, there is a glide you need to route the webbing in to.  The bottom lumbar should sit at the lowest point of your back so your waist webbing will route nicely over your hips, and under the iliac crest.

Your top lumbar should be below the neckline, and between your shoulder blades. Make sure you have a straight back when sizing properly. 

Use the horizontal sewn strips to route the excess webbing. 

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