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The most important adjustment for any harness is your crotch strap. This single piece of webbing holds your system to your body; moreso than your shoulders. When combined with a properly adjusted waist, your system should feel like it is a part of your body. 

Crotch too loose: Your Harness will ride up, and/or lift off your body. Discomfort can easily occur when using a DPV (depth propulsion vehicle), carrying additional cylinders on a leash, or allowing your wing to shift due to the bungees across the waist bouncing (routing through the crotch loop is recommended). 

Important Things to Consider:

  • You can remove the center d-ring on the original crotch. Some use it for scootering, others to snap the Stealth Classic lower bungee to it.  For me, I find it gives me an extra piece of hardware to use on my waist.
  • XDEEP sends several plates to be used with your system. The stock plate is just for webbing. This can be changed for a light canister bungee plate, or an inflation bottle.
  • The standard bolt is an M8 nylok nut. Do NOT overtighten. Crotch should still have play side to side while still secure.
  • Have a set of needle-nose pliers handy
  • If replacing the stock webbing, do not cut it too short before trial dives (see pictures for recommended cut lengths when fitting)
  • Use a proper JET FLAME LIGHTER for 1mm Nylon and/or polyester
  • Sharp Pair of scissors

Your Stealth 2.0 will have a pre-configured crotch already attached. If you are happy with the webbing on it, proceed to final fitting section.

For replacing the webbing, make sure you cut enough webbing to comfortably fit your body. 

The standard crotch webbing is 46 in / 118 cm in length (measured from end to actual end including sewn part)

You will need to add a d-ring and triglide to a new crotch, or cut out your old d-ring if replacing the stock webbing. 


You’ll notice the stock plate has 4 holes cut, and a square cut for the M8 Bolt. When routing the webbing, pay attention to go ‘down’ first, then ‘up’ through the holes. This way you do not cover the bolt hole. 

Go ahead and put the bolt in the plate–the webbing will hold it in place.

Keep routing through the bottom lumbar glide–take note that the webbing enters the glide from the back side first. This will allow you to do a PRO-TRICK to ensure the wing stays secured to harness and does not balloon. 

Route as shown.

When routed properly, the webbing secures through the same bottom hole in the lumbar glide.

I personally leave 4 in / 10 cm of webbing after adding D-ring to the front. 

Use a rubber loop to secure the excess webbing.

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