Backplate & Harness Setup


Just like the Stealth 2.0 System (guide here), the standard configuration [direct from XDEEP Box] is set for a person between 71-73 inches / 180-185 cm and a 34 inch /  86 cm waist — In other words, Piotr (XDEEP Founder) sized it stock so we can all model after him.

Backplates come in different shapes and sizes, and we are fortunate to be able to select between standard size, and large size. To help you decide, here are AQUI’s recommendations on whether to go with a large or small:

Select SMALL if TORSO LENGTH, not overall height, is less than: 

18 inches / 45.5 cm


If you want to skip straight to HOW TO PROPERLY FIT YOUR BACKPLATE, CLICK HERE

Important Things to Consider: 

  • Use castle washers (come in white) to prevent galvanic corrosion between bolts and plate if aluminum. Nylon washers are used on the FRONT of the plate.
  • Standard Bolt Size is  ‘Metric 8’ aka M8.
  • If replacing the stock webbing, do not cut it too short before trial dives (see pictures for recommended cut lengths when fitting)
  • Needle nose pliers for pulling webbing through tri-glide.

Arrange your hardware as seen in the picture. You should have in total:

  • 4 Serrated Glides
  • 3 Non-Serrated Glides
  • 2 Bent D-Rings
  • 4 Straight D-Rings
  • 1 Stainless Steel Buckle
  • 2 M8 Bolt Kits – Stainless Washer, Nylon Washer, Bolt, Nylok Nut
  • 3 Snoopy loops – Rubber Bands


Standard Webbing Lengths from XDEEP, and most manufacturers:

Crotch: 5 feet /  1.5 meters
Harness: 15 feet /  4.5 meters

DO NOT CUT Your webbing short unless you specifically know how much you need.


Fold webbing in half and mark midpoint. If you have a weight nearby, you can use it to hold it down.

Add non-serrated triglide to webbing. Leave enough space to easily fit buckle through. You can also use your fist as a guide.

Send bent webbing through the straight D-ring. This will become your attachment point for a DPV/Scooter/misc items. 

Use your needle nose pliers, or push through, the webbing in to the triglide from step one. Leave 5 in / 12 cm at least until you do final fitting.

Place serrated triglide and straight D-ring on one side of webbing 12 inches from the end. Route through bottom of the plate as shown in picture below. 

Flip plate over and route webbing back through triglide trapping the bottom of the plate.

Repeat on both sides. You may need to use pliers to help get webbing through the triglide. Leave at least 4 in / 10 cm on each side.

Your final configuration will have all D-Rings facing up. This allows for proper routing and assembly as shown below.


Without Upper Back-pad

Fold webbing in half and mark midpoint. Use one of your snoopy loops to keep the midpoint set. 

Push webbing ends through the vertical slots on the backplate. Push them through until you reach the snoopy loop. Check for evenness.

Route webbing from underside back through the diagonal slot on the same plane as the vertical holes.  Then, push down through the top horizontal holes.

Pull excess webbing tight through plate and ensure webbing is aligned properly. These top holes form the shoulders.

With Upper Back-pad

Repeat the First two steps above. Pass the webbing from the backside through the Diagonal slots and up through the backpad horizontal strip. Flip the pad up. Route down through the horizontal slots in the upper plate. Repeat on the opposite side. 

Now, we need to bolt it down. Press the nylon screw through the front of your plate. Pass the tab with the grommet through the small slot. The nylon washer goes on first, followed by the tab, then the stainless washer.

Secure with nylok nut. Make sure you pull the webbing tight, and the pad sits flush with the plate. Proceed to configuring the shoulder straps.


Add triglides and BENT D-rings to your harness; ONE on each side. Make sure you route the d-rings properly. They will raise UP from the webbings and not down. 

Next, add a snoopy loop on both shoulders. Personally, I recommend adding a second as well. The standard configuration doesn’t come with it; however, you can cut bicycle inner tube tires as a replacement. If you want specific X-deep ones, we have them in stock. 

Don’t worry about adjusting height until the final fitting. 

Ensure you twist the webbing correctly prior to routing through the bottom holes in the plate — where your crotch webbing attaches.

Its simple really…

Grab webbing with overhand grip on both sides. Left Hand, Left Webbing; Right Hand, Right Webbing.

Now, Twist each hand outward then route. in the following order:
Down, Up, Down, Up through the waist hole. 

WATCH the video for quick demonstration.


Add triglide and D-ring to left hip a few inches / centimeters from the back plate. Don’t worry about exact location at this stage.

Add Buckle to your waist as shown in the picture. DO NOT CUT IT at this stage. Wait till after your first dive and final fitting.


Attaching the Wing and Single tank is quite easy. Just remember to use a #5 HEX key, and an adjustable wrench, or 13mm socket/wrench.  

Start with the TOP of the STA, press in, flip plate over. Using your #5, hold the M8 bolt in place.


In correct order in front channel, NYLON washer, STAINLESS washer, NYLOK nut.


Repeat on the bottom channel. Tighten until the bolt is flat with the top of the nut.

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