Technical Diving @ AQUI

Deep Oceans… The final frontier…

These are the voyages of all Technical Divers.


Their continuing mission:

To explore strange new worlds…

To seek out new life; new crustaceans …

To boldly go where no recreational diver has gone before!

— Ryan Custureri

All courses are maxed to a ratio of four Persons per ONE instructor for Recreational, and three Persons for Technical and Sidemount. No matter what, you’ll always have personalized attention.

Student pathways are extremely important to ensure you are gaining the necessary skills and confidence to move through the levels successfully. There are those instructors (many in fact) that will simply issue a certification card no matter if you meet the actual standards–It’s Scary to think, but true. For us, the certification cards you earn are because of your actual experience, mastery, and knowledge gained while enrolled. Secondly, skipping core courses is simply a disservice to you.

Many instructors don’t feel Intro to Technical diving is a necessary course. They want someone to spend $2k and go directly into a combined Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures (or equivalent course in another agency) in order to gain certification numbers.  Why?  Because at the professional level, Intro to Tech doesn’t enhance your professional technical career; only higher levels do. What does matter is the time you will spend underwater, and the techniques you will learn; the skills you acquire; and the failures you overcome. 

For us, we won’t accept a student that doesn’t do foundational courses in our Technical Programs. This includes, Intro to Tech PRIOR to Advanced Nitrox (130fsw) and Deco Procedures (150fsw). Our programs focus on not only the physical requirements, but also the mental to determine if technical diving is actually right for you. We have many students that cross over from DIR (Doing it Right) agencies (Unified Team Diving, Global Underwater Explorers, Innerspace Explorers) and will assess on a case by case basis. Their fundamental programs don’t fall within the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) guidelines, and require separate evaluation.


Prior to undergoing any classroom instruction, we require a ‘skills evaluation’ to determine your core competency and experience–collecting cards doesn’t count. Our instructors are highly sought after, and courses do fill up fast. To reserve your course, we require a 50% deposit to hold your space. If you need to cancel, we will issue store credit to be used at a later date within 12 months.

Click here for our cancellation policy

All courses require a COMPLETE MEDICAL form to be filled PRIOR starting the first day, and we reserve the right to postpone training if our staff deems there may be a safety risk to you, or us. Please contact us directly to discuss directly if needed.

All Technical Courses Include Required Gear (if needed) to complete.

EXCLUDED Costs & Fees are as follows:

  • Boat Charters
  • Helium Mixes
  • Oxygen Mixes greater than 50%
  • Specialized Equipment (DPV, Reels, Lights); available for purchase at discount
  • Additional training days if needed




From $899 - STEP 1

Ready to start your Technical Diving pathway? Intro to Technical is designed to ensure you have a solid foundation. Our program focuses on the physical requirements, but also the mental to determine if technical diving is actually right for you.



FROM $899* - Step 2

The Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to use EAN 21% – 100% within your current certification level to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet. May be combined with Decompression Procedures course to save on time and cost.



FROM $899* - Step 3

This course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving with a maximum depth of 45 meters/150 fsw. You may combine with Advanced Nitrox for 5 days. Our Instructors live and breathe technical diving, and we are best trained to help you push your limits.




From $999 - STEP 4

You may not always have access to helium. Extended Range teaches you the proper techniques for AIR as a breathing gas at a maximum depth of 55 metres/180 feet. Our recommendation is to combine with Helitrox Course for SAFETY, or take NORMOXIC TRIMIX.



>18% OXYGEN +


FROM $1599* - Step 5

As your motivation to explore progresses, your risk of narcosis does to; this course uses helium to increase your safety margin and reduce risks while executing dives to 60 meters/200 feet. Don’t become a statistic; GET TRAINED correctly with our in demand experts.



FROM $1899* - Step 6

This is the pinnacle class for open circuit divers wishing to dive to depths as deep as 100 metres/330 feet utilizing hypoxic levels of oxygen (below 17 %). It will be the most challenging of all of the open circuit courses, but also the most rewarding as you’ll be part of a small elite diver group. 

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