Simple Costs.
Focused Training.
No Compromises.

Our philosophy is simple…

We FIRMLY believe the value of a course should be focused on the quality of instruction given. Our instructors have roots firmly planted in exploration, technical diving, freediving, and growing highly confident recreational divers. They are highly recognized.

Many of our students go on to pursue careers in diving, teach others, and continue to experience the most amazing reefs in the world.

With any quick online search, you’ll see just how much instructors are willing to ‘give-away’ their education at large discounts. If your first interaction is based on the discounted value of service, you SHOULD question what else is being compromised on. Unfortunately, QUALITY and TIME are sacrificed. For Open Water students, don’t expect a solid foundation in 2 to 3 days — muscle memory takes time to develop.


All courses are maxed to a ratio of four Persons per ONE instructor for Recreational, and three Persons for Technical and Sidemount. No matter what, you’ll always have personalized attention.

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