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Stealth Assembly Articles

Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Assembly Guide – Harness & Soft Plates

First step in assembling and configuring your harness is to ensure the top and bottom plates are correctly aligned to your body position. The top plate goes between your shoulder blades, and the bottom lumbar in your lower back; straps comfortably come forward across the hips.

Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Assembly Guide – Bungees (Wing, Loops, Waist, Inflator)

This is a crucial step as it coincides with proper fitting. Depending on your setup bungees will affect gas distribution in the wing (waist), cylinder trim (Loops), and inflator positioning. Remember, don’t trim too much before your first and/or second dive.

Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Assembly Guide – Crotch

The crotch comes pre-assembled with a standard plate near the lumbar pad. Unbolt it let’s begin. If you want to stick with the standard black crotch, then adjust the fitting. If you want to add a canister light, or inflator bottle on the rear, change the plate with 4 holes on the edges. When sizing, you’ll want to ensure the loop the buckle passes through sits UNDER your navel, and above the groin to start.

Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Assembly Guide – Shoulders

Assembling the shoulders takes a bit of time, and patience. You’ll need to remove the bolt inside the upper weight pocket and free harness to allow for proper routing. This guide is for a continuous setup; however, we will post an update for using quick-release buckles.

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