UTD’s Essentials of Technical Diving class is the first step to move you from ‘Recreational’ diver to ‘Technical’ Diver. Essentials of Tech gives you all the personal skills you need to move to a training program that increases both depth and time in the water.

Essentials of Tech takes place in 20-30’ / 6-10m of open water. It is a personal skills class that prepares you for technical depths by advancing your control of buoyancy, trim, and propulsion, while introducing you to more advanced air sharing procedures and deco bottle handling protocols. The class also introduces you to more advanced gas planning and more complicated ascent strategies.

Essentials of Tech acts as a bridge between conventional training and UTD’s more demanding technical curriculum and focuses on training you to become a “Thinking Diver,” regardless of whether you are going to move forward with technical training, or are just looking to become a more highly skilled recreational diver.

Minimum 18 years of age
UTD Rec 2 or equivalent
Minimum of 50 dives beyond open water certification. 25 of which must be non-training dives


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