About Our Company


UTD is an inclusive underwater philosophy that unifies the team towards the dive, maximizing safety, conformity and competence of the team and the members and ultimately the overall enjoyment of the dive.


UTD Watersports South Florida was founded by Ryan Custureri and Submerged, Inc. to bring the UTD Community to the region.  UTD’s roots lie in the “Doing It Right (DIR)” and Hogarthian diving principles that focuses on educating “thinking divers” and a systematic approach to safety and team diving. These principles integrated seamlessly in the recreational, technical, and public safety diving communities to take divers to the next level through. We are excited to employee world-class instructors and teach unparalleled courses in this area.


We provide an updated approach to educating and training our students whether enrolled in dive classes, or joining us on a local dive event. Our goal is to ensure every student receives high quality instruction and to invest time developing the necessary skills to safely become a competent diver. With a class limit of 4 students, we challenge our students to push a bit further and gain confidence through understanding the “WHY” of each skill and assessment presented.


There are many choices to consider when selecting an agency and operator; however, we encourage you to evaluate your options and ask questions prior to beginning your first class.  Our approach is community based vs competitive as the level of training is truly top-notch compared to the standard available courses being taught in the industry.


Unified Team Diving is the next generation of teaching and diving principles that highlight unification, consistency, scalability and interchangeability:

  • Equipment Configuration – Each diver is equipped with a minimal, standardized, consistent, scalable and interchangeable approach to their configuration, essentially the UTD “Unified System.” This allows for rapid and effective response to any problem or emergency, as each team member knows exactly how everyone’s gear is configured.
  • Dive Objective and Planning – UTD teaches a simple, yet organized method of dive planning that ensures sufficient air for two divers to safely return to the surface while air-sharing. This method increases comfort levels and recreational satisfaction while in the water.
  • Training Level – Each UTD Certified Diver is trained using the same rigorous standards of diving. This uniformity in training and certification expectations assures UTD teammates from around the world that they will be able to dive effortlessly and safely together.
  • In-Water Skill Set – UTD sets high but attainable standards for in-water skills. The UTD classes go beyond direct instruction/demonstration and embody students working together as a team, modifying instruction to best meet learning needs of the individual.
  • Diving Experience – All UTD classes conclude with a dive experience, allowing students to apply what they’ve learned and utilize their most recent training.
  • Community– All UTD members belong to a social network of other Unified Team Divers to share experiences, stories, images, video, and their “passion.”
  • Fun – All classes celebrate the spirit of diving.


UTD Certified Divers are trained using the same rigorous standards of diving. This uniformity assures UTD teammates globally are able to dive effortlessly and safely together. The online classes are available to everyone, no matter what agency you’ve trained with, and regardless of whether you’re are enrolled in a certification class or not.

Divers and Instructors alike can move into a UTD class at your current or next level whether beginner or experienced. UTD Instructors are always available for an evaluation dive prior to your class.

UTD is an open forum of divers, from recreational through expedition. We are proud to provide a place to meet and exchange ideas with divers from around the world. Our Instructors are readily available to assist and answer all questions you may have. Be part of growing community.

UTD’s online class materials include narrated programs, skills videos, work sheets, tests and more. Study on your schedule, then review and ask questions during your class when you meet with your instructor. Click here for a sample online class.

Our Instructors


ZUBA & Kid’s
Scuba Makeover
Open Water
Advanced Recreational
Sidemount & Backmount
Specialties & Mini's
Rescue & NITROX
Drysuit, Double Tank
Rescue Diver, Toxing & Nitrox
Night Diving
Cylinder Technician



Essentials of Tech & Overhead
Technical Diver I, II, Gold
Trimix Diver I, II, Gold
Rebreather (Manual & Auto)
Overhead Protocols (OHP)
Technical Gas Blender
Cylinder and Valve Technician
Equipment Repair Technician