AQUI Water Sports & Co.


AQUI Water Sports provides our local customers with an exclusive hands on retail experience. We offer education, equipment and adventures in a wide variety of water sports activities including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving, Marine Camp, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Kite Boarding and more. Our instructors are unmatched in high-quality training in South Florida.


AQUI Water Sports was founded by Ryan Custureri, a Recreational and Technical Instructor/Entrepreneur, to bring a training experience like no other to South Florida. AQUI focuses on core diving principles with a custom developed and systematic approach to safety. These principles integrated seamlessly in the recreational, technical, and public safety diving communities to take divers to the next level. We are excited to employ world-class instructors, and have a large community behind our brand.



We provide an updated approach to educating and training our students whether enrolled in dive classes, or joining us on a local dive event. Our goal is to ensure every student receives high quality instruction and to invest time developing the necessary skills to safely become a competent diver. With a class limit of 4 students, we challenge our students to push a bit further and gain confidence through understanding the “WHY” of each skill and assessment presented.


There are many choices to consider when selecting an agency and operator; however, we encourage you to evaluate your options and ask questions prior to beginning your first class.  Our approach is community based vs competitive as the level of training is truly top-notch compared to the standard available courses being taught in the industry.

Our Instructors



Recreational, Technical, & Sidemount
Deep 6 United Caribbean Wreck


Recreational, Technical, & Sidemount